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Have you ever wondered if you could actually make a personal connection with animals in the wild? Or have you already thrilled to the adventure of wandering alone in the woods, wide-eyed and not knowing what you might meet around the next corner, but suspecting something magic and important was about to happen? I have. It is this sense of wonder and adventure that has teased my steps into the mountains, glided me down to the sea, and slid me into my own inner terrain, eager for all the surprises and gifts I might find. Join me as I share my naturally inspired moment and lessons with you.
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Jan 2, 2017

In this podcast, Robyn Bridges and Ginny Watts consider how worldwide seemingly “dark” events may actually be leading us toward building a new vision. How will we respond and seize opportunities to rebuild? The tasks of the Divine Feminine now in both men AND women can blend the best qualities of the patriarchy and matriarchy for a much-needed new approach. We are moving toward the “NEW US”. 

Being present through the dark with open minds and hearts into the unknown will move us towards a knowing of how to rebuild, recognizing that this destruction is part of the life-death-life rebirth cycle, complimented by applicable wisdom from the Medicine Wheel. We move from separation to unification, honoring differences while bridging a stronger road to an urgent commonality.

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